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Wir bieten Ihnen die Möglichkeit, mit Hilfe unserer MaDaM-Demo einen ersten Einblick in unser MDM-System zu bekommen.
Diese beinhaltet die komplette Suchfunktion sowie die Möglichkeit serverbasierte Berichte zu erstellen.
Aus lizenzrechtlichen Gründen sind Funktionen wie das Importieren oder Editieren von Testdaten sowie interaktive Auswertungen in der Demo nicht verfügbar.

Kurzanleitung zur Demo

First steps

Click on the link to Madam Demo and log in using the button "Demo Benutzer". 
The madam surface is divided into several areas. On the left side there are several search and filter options, in the center the selected measurements are displayed and in the lower part you find the selection area. The language can be changed via the displayed country flags.

Search of measurements

The measurements can be filtered via different facets that are displayed on the left side. One point can be selected per facet. In addition, various facets can be combined. Furthermore, it is possible to filter via the intuitive search request for which a help is available. To do so, enter your request into the search box above. Afterwards, the request can be edited and saved using the button "Edit saved search requests".

Evaluation of measurements

Measurements can be pull down in the selection area via the respective selection button or via drag and drop. It is also possible, to activate report templates by left-click or to disable by right-click on the lower left part. By means of the respective buttons the selection can be downloaded or a PDF can be generated.

For more information please have a look into our MaDaM User Manual.