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MaDaM Features

Version 2.2.0 with Elasticsearch 6

The new MaDaM version 2.2.0 supports Elasticsearch 6

Non-recursive searches

The user can make non-recursive searches for test types: "$concreteType = ParentTest"

By default “$type=ParentTest” searches for all measurement of the type “ParentType” and for all measurements its subtypes “ChildTest_1” to “ChildTest_X”. The new search query “$concreteType = ParentTest” doesn’t find any measurements of the subtypes.

The user receives only measurements of the “type ParentTest”.

Search for relative time ranges

The user can search for relative time ranges

“ImportDate = -2d” = range from now minus two days until now minus

“ImportDate = -1df” = last full day floored (from 0:00 to 24:00)

“ImportDate = [-2Mf; -0Mf]” = a range of the complete current month March and the two months before

Other allowed values:

"y" = years
"M" = months
"w" = weeks
"d" = days
"h" = hours
"m" = minutes
"s" = seconds

New audit log

New audit log to record changes

The audit log shows all changes made on every element. MaDaM saves information about when something was changed, who made the change and what was changed in detail.

Audit log

Column width

MaDaM saves the width of every column

The version 2 of MaDaM remembers the width of the current column width until the next session. So the user doesn’t need to resize the columns all over again. It is also necessary to save this explicitly.