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Driving Safety

jBEAM supports the evaluation of the technical testing and approval of railway vehicles.

Within the scope of testing for the acceptance of running characteristics and certification of railway vehicles, tests and evaluations at the 10-axle rolling road of Greenbrier Europe were performed by aid of AMS software. The primary objective of the project was to obtain an operating license for the Austrian rail network of OEBB. The analysis of the dynamic driving behaviour of the freight wagons in straight lines and curves should show that all requirements to safety and performance for this special vehicle concept are met.

The entire data analysis was performed with jBEAM. Functional components have been developed for the special UIC features.
The data analysis is devided into three segments:

  1. Generating a section-list of the route
  2. Detecting offsets for the individual runs
  3. Analyzing data of the runs for each route

Generating the section-list (a)

  • Manual definition of curves with 2 cursors.
  • Automatic calculation of the curve radius.
  • Appending curves start, end and radius to the curve list.

Generating the section-list (b)


  • Extracting GPS data from 1 GB data file.
  • xy-chart with a map as scaled background image and GPS positions on top.
  • Correct distance calculation by converting GPS to metric UTM coordinates.

Generating the section-list (c)

  • Automatic generation of UIC-conform section-list from curve list.
  • Automatic generation of section-list for reverse direction.
  • Export of section-list for manual changes.
  • Comparison with official route data. Adding additional information.

Offset detection for each data file

  • GPS data of 2 runs are loaded and displayed on map.
  • Detecting the 1st run offset according to the section-list.
  • Loading GPS data for each run. The offsets are calculated automatically.
Driving Safety - Analysis of Measurement Data I
UIC Parameter Generator

Analysis of measurement data (I)

  • Finish preparation by setting all parameters.
  • Summary of all files per route and direction.
  • Enter/load list of sensor distances to GPS for time correction.
Driving Safety - Analysis of Measurement Data II
BEAM-Import Sequence (Subsequent)

Analysis of measurement data (II)

  • Parameters dialog of the auto-sequence for a complete UIC analysis.
Driving Safety - Analysis of Measurement Data III
UIC-518 Driving Behaviour

Analysis of measurement data (III)

  • Define the type of analysis for each sensor.
  • Calculations are defined in UIC-518.
  • Some sensors can be repeatedly evaluated.

Analysis of measurement data (IV)

Click start button. View the process.

  • Detecting section.
  • Calculate the position of data in file.
  • Loading data.
  • Automatic analysis.
  • The sections are indicated by markers on the map.

Analysis of measurement data (V)

Final step:

  • Generate one page of protocol per defined calculation with a single mouse click.
  • 40 pages are created in less than one second.

With the described equipment, both the data acquisition as well as the analysis was finished in an unusual short period of time. Especially the newly developed UIC-components in the standard software jBEAM allow a fast and easy UIC518-conform analysis.

All project partners involved in this project were very satisfied with the speedy and comprehensive processing.