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You have an existing system and want to integrate our functionality into your system? No problem! Rely on us as a strategic partner for your evaluation concept.

You benefit from our experience and knowledge. Whether "simple" single-user software, or even a company-wide solution - our flexible range of products will suit your strategic direction.

Desktop Solutions

Local reports

Our desktop solutions can be used as standalone or in networks. These solutions are prefabricated software products which have a wide range of applications. A real advantage at AMS: As user you have the possibility at any time to expand our products with own developed components.

Corporate Networking

Advance through networking with test data

World's major corporations use our applications. We are a reliable, strategic partner, who is used across locations. Our Enterprise Communication (EnCom) enables the exchange of data over long distances. Thus, the processes in corporations are getting more simplified and unified. An advantage that is worth it.

System Integration

Individual solutions for discerning customers

With various partners, projects are under way to integrate our software into existing systems. This results in complex applications, where a variety of access interfaces gear into each other.