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The AMS software is used to check the condition of the bridge and the loads the bridge is subjected to.


因此,AMS和魏玛大学的项目组一起从事“桥梁测量技术”课题。合作的目标是早期监测桥梁的哪种载荷是主要的,以及桥梁在将来会发生什么样的变化。这个项目里,统计数据的虚拟用来决定桥梁在多长时间内是安全的。合作的重点在于专业的模块化监测系统和实时数据分析,包括桥梁敏感性分析。此外,可描述路面的频率级。 在这个案例中,AMS主要负责测量数据的分析和可视化。jBEAM用于控制中心不同数据的存储和分析。

MELB - Monitoring-System for determining the performance of existing bridges

In order to create an overall system for automated traffic data analysis, it is necessary to be able to define the bridge to be observed as a model. This includes:

  • Graphic representation of the structure with position of the sensors
  • Definition of logical measuring points (sensor network), which summarize individual sensors
  • Definition of sensor attributes
  • Definition of system parameters

The model description of the bridge is made via the jBEAM component Bridge Manager. To do this, first load a measurement file so that the channels can be assigned to the measuring points. Each measuring point can be parameterized individually so that the data pre-processing and the peak recognition can be made to the specifics of the measuring point. Within the bridge manager 'local' and 'global' measuring points are defined. The categorization reflects the different use of the measurement data for the vehicle determination.

Bridge manager for defining the bridge model and measuring system

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