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数据活动地区, 城市
May 14-16SafetyWeekVogel Convention Center Würzburg, Würzburg
May 21-23Automotive Testing Expo EuropeMesse Stuttgart, Stuttgart
June 25-27Sensor + TestExhibition Centre Nürnberg, Nürnberg
September 24-26Automotive Testing Expo ChinaShanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center, Shanghai
October 22-24Automotive Testing Expo Novi 
The Suburban Collection Showplace
Novi, Michigan, USA

AMS Team fährt zum WRO Weltfinale

Am 25. und 26. Juni 2019 traten die besten Teams der regionalen Wettbewerbe beim Deutschlandfinale der WRO im Congress Centrum Stadtgarten in Schwäbisch Gmünd an.

Bei diesem perfekt organisierten Deutschlandfinale trat das von der AMS gesponserte Team EliMinatorGang an und erzielte nach ein paar nicht optimal gelaufenen Durchgängen den 4. Platz - eine Riesenenttäuschung. Doch das Gewinnerteam gab dann überraschend seinen Startplatz zurück und so dürfen sie im November doch noch zum Weltfinale nach Ungarn. Die Stimmung wandelte sich sofort und aus Tränen entstand große Freude.

Das Team bedankt sich bei der AMS für Ihre finanzielle Unterstützung, diese hat die Unterkunftskosten für alle in Schwäbisch-Gmünd getragen.

Insgesamt haben sich 12 Teams für das Weltfinale der WRO in Ungarn qualifiziert. Dieses findet vom 08. – 10. November 2019 in Győr, Ungarn, statt.

WRO Deutschlandfinale 2019
WRO Deutschlandfinale 2019
WRO Deutschlandfinale 2019
WRO Deutschlandfinale 2019
WRO Deutschlandfinale 2019
WRO Deutschlandfinale 2019

Automotive Testing Expo Europe 2019

From 21 to 23 May, AMS presented itself at the Testing Expo in Stuttgart. This year's event once again proves that Automotive Testing Expo Europe is the world's largest and best gathering of automotive testing and development professionals. It first coincided with the rapidly growing Autonomous Vehicle Technology Expo (in Hall 6) with numerous AV and ADAS test solution vendors, and welcomed over 480 exhibitors and a record number of visitors over the three days of the event.

The AMS focused this year on the presentation of the analysis of large amounts of data and presented their tool chain with jBEAM, MaDaM and jBEAM cluster - Big Test Data live. New in the product portfolio is the Data Ranger - our little MaDaM brother.

As part of the Open Technology Forum, the managing director of AMS, Dr. Ing. Bernhard Sünder, on Wednesday, a lecture on the subject of test-data mining - visualizing the invisible content of your test data.

The event also featured free technology demonstration areas, a brand new Powertrain Testing Conference (next door to the Engine Expo + The Powertrain Technology Show), and the Paid Autonomous Vehicle Test & Development Symposium. Thus, this year's fair is without doubt the biggest and best in every respect!

Running against Cancer 2019

On the 5th of June, money was properly collected for a good cause! We sent our 11 fittest employees on the running track - each round counted!

"Running against cancer" is a fundraiser in the fight against the disease cancer which takes place annually in Chemnitz. Volunteers, charity teams and donors gather at this nationwide unique event to express their solidarity with those affected and their relatives.

The participants of the event run as many rounds as they like or as long as the individual fitness allows in a fixed time frame. What matters is the number of laps or meters that have been completed. For each round was donated for the projects of the Saxon Cancer Society e.V. Of course, can also be donated regardless of the sporting activities!

Every single person can do great things! We ran a total of 373 laps = 150 km and were thus able to do our part in the fight against cancer.

WRO Regional Competition in Chemnitz

On 18.05.2019 the preliminary round of the German final in Schwäbisch Gmünd took place in Chemnitz. The four AMS-sponsored teams were able to qualify for the Germany final. We are very proud and hope for further victories and thus the entry into the World Final as in 2018.

The World Robot Olympiad (WRO) is an international robotics competition that aims to inspire children and young people for science and technology. The participants work in teams of two or three together with a coach on annually new tasks.

This year's season is under the theme "Smart Cities". In the competition categories Regular and Open Category, the tasks are adapted to the theme of the season. In the Open Category, all teams are doing research on the same task, building a robot model that addresses an innovative approach to at least one of the three areas ("Smart Education", "Smart Governance", "Smart Workplace") , There are no limits to creativity, as any type and number of controllers as well as all other building materials and programming languages ​​may be used.
In the three age groups of the Regular Category, the teams solve their tasks on a playing field with the theme of the corresponding course. Under the task "Smart Passenger Transport" the youngest of 8-12 years (age group "Elementary") support the transport of persons with their self-made robot. While 13 to 15-year-old girls and boys ("Junior" age group) face the challenge of installing lamps in the right room and replacing defective lights ("smart lighting"), the oldest teams in the category are aged 16-19 Years (age group "senior") Robot solutions to the task "Smart Network". In addition to aligning the servers, the participants expect the tricky task to properly install them with a network cable, so that their "Smart City" on the subject of Internet can provide a stable connection.


SafetyWeek 2019 in Würzburg

The SafetyWeek is a platform for the entire spectrum of products and technologies within the sector of Automotive Safety.

The AMS attended the fair as an exhibitor from May 12th to 14th; this year in corporation with Kistler. Together with the Data Acquisition System of Kistler we complete the entire workflow from data management (MaDaM and DataRanger) to the analysis (jBEAM) of big test data. Our crash experts held interesting conversations and discussions about that.

The continuously growing event is visited annually by over 1000 experts from the Automotive Safety industry from all over world, to establish business contacts, exchange experiences and initiate cooperations.

AMS booth in Novi 2018

AMS at North America's biggest automotive fair

From October 23rd to 25th in 2018 we attended the Automotive Testing Expo North America in Novi, in the US state Michigan.

As in previous years, we presented and demonstrated the parallel evaluation of large amounts of data, using our cluster model, to our interested trade fair visitors.

The distributed processing of data is an important link in the AMS toolchain with MaDaM, jBEAM cluster and big data mining functions.

C-Town 360° | 4th Saxonian IT Summit


We sponsored the event and enjoyed a nice get together ...

On September 18, 2018, the event C-Town 360 °, an annual convention that gives a 360 ° view into all development areas of the city of Chemnitz, took place. Technologies, insights and megatrends were presented and discussed. The event connects industries, people, topics, creates ideas and gives impulses for visions.

While C-Town 360 ° has a Chemnitz character, the afternoon and evening were dominated by the digital economy of Saxony, one of the most important economic factors of the Free State. Participants of the Chemnitzer Convention C-Town 360 ° as well as representatives of economy, science and politics were invited to the 4th Saxonian IT Summit.

"13. WiC Firmenlauf Chemnitz "- AMS for the 7th time

The "13. WiC Firmenlauf Chemnitz" yesterday brought over 9,000 registered" company runners "from over 700 companies throughout the economic region of Chemnitz to the race. The "running" economy, a terrific, slightly different network party - the AMS was represented for the 7th with 15 runners and new running shirts. We all had a lot of fun!

WRO Germany Final in Passau - AMS sponsors 3 teams

On 16 and 17 June, this year's Germany final of the "World Robot Olympaid", an international robotics competition for children and adolescents aged 8 to 19, took place in the Passau Dreiländerhalle. The final in Passau is Europe's largest WRO event and one of the biggest robot events in Germany. 97 teams from Germany and 15 teams from Austria competed to qualify for the world finals in Chiang Mai (Thailand) in November 2018.

Over the past few months, more than 630 teams have participated in the World Robot Olympiad (WRO) in Germany. In more than 27 regional competitions from the beginning of May to the beginning of June, the best 97 teams qualified for the German final in Passau. In the Dreiländerhalle, the teams used their robots to solve tasks related to this year's topic "Food Matters". For each age group, there is a separate course that meets the respective requirement. Accordingly, the teams compete against other teams only within their age group.

As in previous years, AMS sponsors 3 teams from the age groups Elementary (8-12 years) Junior (13-15 years) and Senior (16-19 years). Our teams all three participated very successfully in the Regular Category. Here, the about 25cm x 25cm x 25cm large LEGO robots tackled various tasks on a 3m ² large course, which are thematically based on the seasonal theme. Each competition has a surprise task to which teams can react by making changes to the robot (by building and / or programming) or by some other tactic. Examples include: additional obstacles, additional objects that can be transported or collected. Solving the surprise task is voluntary, but the teams can gain additional points.

Here are the results:

Elementary 3rd Place - Dandelion Legoisten with 240 points
Junior 5th place - Eliminator gear with 350 points
Senior 1st place - NoNameInternational with 410 points

This allowed 2 of our teams out of a total of 15 to qualify for the World Final in Thailand. We are very proud and keep our fingers crossed for the world championship title!

AMS at the Automotive Testing Expo 2018 in Stuttgart

From June 5th to 7th the AMS exhibited on the 20th anniversary of the Testing Expo in Stuttgart with a new stand - twice as large as the one last year. The Automotive Testing Expo Europe 2018 - BIGGER AND BETTER THAN EVER! With an area of ​​25,000 and a total of 408 exhibitors, the industry-leading event has been 20% bigger than in previous years. We are proud to be a long-standing exhibitor at the fair.

This year the AMS focused on the presentation of the analysis of vast amounts of data and its tool chain including jBEAM, MaDaM and jBEAM cluster - Big Test Data live.

As part of the Open Technology Forum, the managing director of AMS, Dr. Ing. Bernhard Sünder, held a lecture on "Measurement Data Mining without the need for Hadoop" on fair tuesday.

Another highlight was the raffle of a Stuttgart sightseeing flight with the company's own aircraft. A total of 3 participants of the companies Porsche and Ipetronik flew with the pilot Dr. Ing. Bernhard Sünder over Stuttgart.

Analysis, visualization & management of measurement data Safety Week

AMS at Safety Week 2018

The SafetyWeek – a platform for the entire spectrum of products and technologies in Automotive Safety – took place from 15th to 17th May in Würzburg – for the very first time. The continuously growing event is visited annually by over 1000 experts from the Automotive Safety industry from all over world, to establish business contacts, exchange experiences and initiate cooperations.

The AMS‘ crash specialists have been on-location to have interesting conversations and discussions concerning Big Test Data. The storage and processing of vast amount of data was, among other topics, one of the most exciting and most discussed subjects of the Safety Week this year.

jBEAM cluster & light-up stand
jBEAM cluster & light-up stand
AMS developer and CEO

Automotive Testing Expo North America 2017

From October 24th to 26th the AMS was exhibiting at the Automotive Testing Expo North America.

Besides the presentation of our brand new light-up exhibition walls, the introduction of the completely redesigned look & feel of the measurement data management MaDaM² as well as jBEAM cluster have been absolute highlights at the Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi.

By lively exchanging thoughts and ideas, many exciting issues have been discussed and new business relationships established.



AMS with new stand at Testing Expo 2017 in Stuttgart

Testing Expo AMS stand
AMS stand at Testing Expo Stuttgart 2017
Tesing Expo AMS flight
Stuttgart round flight with the company-owned plane

From June 20th to 22nd, the AMS was represented with a new and more than double-sized stand at this year's Testing Expo in Stuttgart. The main focus was on the presentation of MaDaM² and jBEAM Cluster. In addition to the new interface and extended and new features of our measurement data management system MaDaM, we presented with jBEAM Cluster a solution for the parallel processing of millions of files.

As part of the Open Technology Forum, the Managing Director of AMS, Dr. Bernhard Sünder, gave a lecture on "Big Data Analytics without Hadoop?" on tuesday.

Another highlight was the draw of a Stuttgart round flight with the AMS-owned plane. 5 participants from Germany, India and the USA flew with the pilot Dr. Bernhard Sünder from Stuttgart to the south to Lake Constance and back again.

AMS stand at Safety Week 2017
AMS crash expert in a consultation

Safety Week 2017 - A short review

From May 16th to 18th, the AMS participated at the Safety Week 2017 in Aschaffenburg. The numerous lectures and presentations as well as interesting conversations with experts from the automotive sector and suppliers revealed an ever increasing request for measurement data management systems (MDMs) for the storage and management of crash data.

With the MDM system MaDaM and several crash features in jBEAM, the AMS provides two important tools for Crash and Safety Testing.

Besides the handling of crash data, the trend towards autonomous driving was not only a highly discussed subject, but also a controversial one. For the future, the tendency of the priority shifting from Passive to Active Safety becomes apparent.



首次亮相于米尔布克(英国)汽车测试展会 十二月八号和九号,大量知名公司汇聚在米尔布克汽车测试展会上。在Proving Ground & Events Center 活动中心,AMS首次作为参展商,向英国公众展示其针对分布式工作的测量数据网络解决方案。

两天激动人心的展会之外,AMS总经理Bernhard Sünder博士还做了以“MaDaM - 测量数据管理解决方案”为主题的报告。

出席全球展会 – AMS今年又成为上海和Novi的参展商

AMS Stand - Automotive Testing Expo Shanghai 2016
Automotive Testing Expo Shanghai 2016


接着是十月25号在美国Novi的汽车测试博览会。这里来访者可以体验关于的分析与可视化软件jBEAM和测量数据管理系统MaDaM的一切。此外AMS公司总经理Bernhard Sünder博士在开放技术论坛中作了题为“MaDaM – 测量数据管理的解决方案”的报告。


AMS supports young students in the participation at World Robot Olympiad

WRO - Freie Grundschule "Leonardo"

1-08-2016In September last year AMS supported the Free Primary School “Leonardo” with a LEGO Mindstorms Kit. It was the precondition for participating in the World Robot Olympiad (WRO) and the beginning of two very successful WRO competitions.
On May 28, 2016 the team had to master the regional preliminary round first and qualify with a win for the German finals. The task for Ben, Melia and Hannes, “our” inventor team of the 4th class, was to keep the school clean with a self-made robot. It should replace the red “garbage” blocks by blue stones and bring the red blocks to the landfill. They mastered their task well and convinced in three of four passes with 100 points. Consequently our team secured with a deserved win a place in the German Finals in Ludwigshafen.
On June 18 and 19, the three primary school students competed in the German Finals of the WRO with participants from all over Germany. The managing director of AMS Dr. Bernhard Sünder was present again. After a third place at the end of the first competition day, the color sensor of the robot failed on Sunday and “our” team narrowly missed one of the three qualifying spots for the world final in New Delhi. “They were sad and tears flowed” said Dr. Sünder, who supported the team from the first minute.

We congratulate Melia, Ben and Hannes on a deserved fourth place and look forward to this outstanding achievement!

The AMS "fair marathon"

The AMS fair year started rather late this time but AMS participated in three exhibitions in May and is looking back with positive response on the well-attended exhibitions. 
The year started from May 10 to 12 with two exhibitions - the Safety Week in Aschaffenburg and the Sensor+Test in Nürnberg. The main focus was in particular on our new web-based measurement data management system MaDaM.
From May 31 to June 2, we were represented at Automotive Testing Expo in Stuttgart. This exhibition is the leading trade fair in Europe for testing and development procedures in the automotive industries and is firmly anchored in our annual exhibition plan. Besides the presentation of our test stand software TesteeM and its interaction with our products jBEAM and MaDaM, the CEO of AMS, Dr. Bernhard Sünder, gave a lecture about "The web-based Solution MaDaM – jBEAM. Measurement Data Management for Big Data”.

Thanks to a large number of visitors the AMS "fair marathon" was a great success. Many customer requests still to be processed show the high level of interest in our software solutions for local and distributed systems.

We thank the visitors for their interest and look forward to the next trade fairs!

AMS at Sensor+Test 2016
AMS at Sensor+Test 2016
Automotive Testing Expo 2016
Automotive Testing Expo 2016

AMS is running again

AMS has participated once again at the Chemnitz company run. AMS sent a total of seven runners into the competition. The Chemnitz company run took place already for the 10th time and has established itself by now as a indispensable company event. 6000 runners from more than 500 companies startet the race. In addition to sporty top-performances there were a lot of creative costumes to be seen.

The complete interactive analysis of the company run in jBEAM

AMS Team at Chemnitz company run
The AMS Team at Chemnitz company run
Analysis in jBEAM
Analysis of the Chemnitz company run in jBEAM
AMS Team
AMS Team


AMS Stand at Testing Expo 2015
AMS Stand at Testing Expo 2015

我们在展会上发布了jBEAM 7。多显示器窗口管理、多通道X信息同步、通用单位服务等功能都凝聚了客户极大的吸引力。
除了jBEAM 7,我们展示了测量数据管理系统MaDaM. 其综合了索引技术、现代HTML用户界面、最轻量化的网络传输EnCom技术。
今年展会的最亮点是AMS全新发布了TesteeM。众多OEM对此表示出极大的兴趣。AMS通过和Kübrich Ingenieure的紧密合作,开发了适用于创建和分析基于脚本的串行和并行测试序列。从硬件配置、测试序列定义到报告设计的用户界面都是非常独特和极具创新的。测试序列是第一次可基于Petri网来分析。

AMS from September 15th to 17th 2014 with two stands at Automotive Testing Expo in Shanghai

The AMS took part at the this year's Automotive Testing Expo in Shanghai for the first time with two stands. In addition to its own stand, the AMS presented their latest products and developments also at the joint stand "Crash Test Systems". Under the direction of EON, DTS, Seattle Safety, Concept and the AMS were represented at this joint stand.
This year the main exhibition focus of the AMS was on the new data management system "Madam", which optimally supports distributed working with data. Especially the variant Madam-crash directed the attention of the Chinese trade visitors. This is due to the early use of such a system at SAIC in Shanghai.
The universal evaluation software jBEAM also presented new features that are especially advantageous for the road test. Complete measurements can be filtered by their GPS data according to traveled routes. Thus, it offers the possibility to evaluate separately different road types.

AMS stand at Automotive Testing Expo China in Shanghai
AMS Stand at Testing Expo Shanghai 2014
"Crash Test Systems" Joint Stand
"Crash Test Systems" Joint Stand

AMS for the third time at "Chemnitzer Firmenlauf"

On 3rd of september it was time again. The "Chemnitzer Firmenlauf" took place for the 9th time and the AMS attended with six runners. About 5,000 participants from nearly 450 companies registered this year for the company running.

AMS team 2014
AMS team 2014
Interactive evaluation with jBEAM
Interactive evaluation with jBEAM
Interactive evaluation with jBEAM
Interactive evaluation with jBEAM

The 4.8km distance was recorded by the AMS runners with a Garmin Forerunner watch and a smartphone app and can thus be displayed in jBEAM.

The complete interactive evaluation of the run in jBEAM.

ASAM – 15 years of successful standardization

On the occasion of its 15th anniversary, ASAM e.V. hosted the ASAM International Conference – Keeping Pace with New Vehicle Technologies in Validation and Quality Management at the International Congress Center Dresden in Gemany on December 3 rd to 4 th. The AMS, as a long term member of the association, joined the event as an exhibitor.

Find more information about the conference under

ASAM International Conference

AMS is visiting Laubusch

Stanislaw Tillich and Dr. Bernhard Sünder
Premier Stanislaw Tillich and AMS CEO Dr. Bernhard Sünder

On September 5th the AMS attended the cooperation day "Economy meets Science" hosted by the IBS foundation of Prof. Dr. Wolfram Hardt in Laubusch. On a lively exchange of thoughts and ideas with other saxonian companies, universities and the guest of honor - premier Stanislaw Tillich - many exciting issues have been discussed and new business relations have been established.

AMS attends "Chemnitzer Firmenlauf" for the second time

The AMS took part in the "Chemnitzer Firmenlauf" again this year. With a team of 7 runners we have increased significantly compared to 2012. Altogether 340 companies with about 3,500 runners started the race on September 4th. Highly motivated and with brightly sunshine we passed the distance of 4.8 km with flying colors.

AMS team 2013
AMS team 2013
Course 2013
Course and heartbeat (increasing)

Two exciting exhibition days at the Automotive Engineering in Birmingham

Automotive Engineering - AMS Stand
AMS Stand at the Automotive Engineering

From 7th to 8th of November 2012, the AMS took part for the first time in the Automotive Engineering in Birmingham.
The focus of the AMS was on experimental data in strategic cloud projects. In this context, numerous interesting discussions with British car manufacturers were held.
Moreover, the Managing Director Dr. Bernhard Sünder gave in the session "Auto Development & Test Engineering" a lecture about "Test Data Postprocessing in a Distributed Environment".

The AMS attended for the first time the "Chemnitzer Firmenlauf" and was happy to start with a mixed team of four runners. The starting shot for approximately 300 companies with nearly 3,000 runners was given on September 5th at 6:30 p.m. - and we were in the thick of it. Despite the rainy weather, the atmosphere was on its peak and the AMS runners did their best.

Course 2012
Course 2012

Geocashing in Chemnitz

Geocashing AMS 2012
Geocashing AMS 2012


On June 13th, AMS took part at the first time in a Geocashing, which was organized by CWE for students of class level eleven. The approximately 30 students passed four stations and had beside answering the questions the possibility of direct contact with Chemnitzer companies, including the AMS. The last station was organized by AMS, which included answering a geographical question.


At the end of the event, Prof. Hardt (TU Chemnitz) gave some helpful information regarding studying informatics at TU Chemnitz.

After evaluation of the Geocashing and awards ceremony, the students had once again the opportunity to ask the attendant companies relating to internship and future employment.



Automotive Testing Expo Europe 2012

Automotive Testing Expo Stuttgart - AMS Stand
AMS Stand at the Automotive Testing Expo in Stuttgart

From June 12th to 14th 2012 AMS presented already for the seventh time its latest improvements and developments in the field of measurement and systems engineering at the Automotive Testing Expo Europe in Stuttgart.

Over a time span of three days, visitors could inform about the products jBEAM and iBEAM at the booth of AMS as well as consult AMS regarding measurement and systems engineering.

Furthermore, the managing director Dr. Bernhard Suender gave a lecture about "Distributed Data Postprocessing and Reporting“ at the ASAM Open Technology Forum.