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jBEAM Features

A short overview of the most important features and innovations of each release version.

Drag & Drop of Channels and Histogram

histogram settings

Quick View with Double Cursor

It is easier to add and delete channels. This can be done by dragging an existing channel from the data explorer and dropping it into the graph area of the quick view or by marking the channel (in the spreadsheet or graphic) and pushing the delete button.

In the spreadsheet area of the quick view the new column type Histogram can be activated (right click on the head of the spreadsheet and select Histogram). The selected curve is drawn in the histogram mode. There are 2 options possible (see figure).

further information in the Release Notes 7.2.2 (PDF)

Sorting Files

sorting files

Multi File Import

In addition to the order of the file system, files can also be sorted by the alteration date in the dialog.

Partial Curve and Split into Matrix

maximun columns

Curve Calculations

The maximum amount of columns in the result matrix is now configurable. If the adjusted number of columns isn't enough, the remaining values can be written into the last column.

Complex Channel Part Extractor

complex channel part extractor

Curve Calculations

This new component Complex Channel Part Extractor enables the extraction of single parts of a complex channel.

Copying Diagram Parameters

copy diagram parameters


It is now possible to copy diagram parameters via context menu and apply them to other graphs. Additionally, the parameters to be copied can be selected.


hyperlinks in speechbox

Speechbox / Formatted Text / Plain Text

It is possible to integrate several hyperlinks to the text of speechboxes and into formatted text. Single hyperlinks can be embedded into plain text. Therefore, the passage that should become a link has to be selected. That activates the Link button.

HBM QuantumX - Improvement of scan functionality

measure module properties

Measure Modules

The scan functionality of synchronized devices has been improved. Furthermore, scale properties of the measurement channels are now listed within the channel properties.

In addition, new dialogs have been introduced. Therefore, the time source can be changed (by selecting auto or ntp) and the measure rate domain can be switched from classic (e.g.9.6kHz, 19.2kHz) to decimal mode (e.g. 10kHz, 20kHz).

New Graphic Object: Line List

line list in graphic objects

Graphic Objects

With the new graphic object Line List x and y coordinates of the start and end point of lines can handed over via channels (also manually, if the coordinate doesn't change). The indizes specify, which points should be linked to each other. Therefore, any shape possible can be drawn.

Integer Channel with 32 bit range

integer channel bit arithmetic

Bit Arithmetic

Additional to the generation of single bit channels, an integer channel with up to 32bit range can be created. This channel results from each configured bit. Bit 1 is the lowest valued bit, 32 bit the highest one.



Move Tests

new component - move tests

Curve Calculations

This new component is used to synchronize complete measurements. For selected producers or data sources, the desired offset shift for the individual tests can be specified in the form of a GroupOfValues.

Manual Channel Adjustment

manual channel adjustment

Curve Calculations

In this new component, individual values of existing channels can be changed manually.

Detailed properties of channel groups

Table Window

The properties of channel groups are itemized in a more detailed way. Additional columns for each single channel of a certain group are depicted. Therefore, the information are more individual.

Folders for Project Templates and Multimedia

folder selection


Within the Folder tab additional folders for project templates and multimedia files can be indicated. The registered folders will be quoted as favorites in the respective import and export dialogs.

Display Time of Tooltips

tooltip display time


Within the Dialogs tab there is the opportunity to adjust the display time of tooltips via time designation. If the option hide tooltip after is disabled, a tooltip will be depicted as long as the mouse cursor remains on a certain text. Therefore, even longer tooltips can be read easily.

Import of Changed Mapping Files

import of changed mapping files


This new functionality is located in the Project-File tab. Like the import of changed data files the related request can be replied automatically during opening the project files.

Support of Complex Numbers

complex numbers in table

Data Source Manager

The data source manager has been expanded to support complex channels.

Table Window

Additional values, like 'amplitude' and 'phase', are depicted in seperate columns.

Change Format of Import Files

change format of import files

Data Source Manager

The data source manager now offers the option to change format. It enables to change the currently used importer while changing the imported data. Therefore, a test can be easily replaced by another test in a different file format. The settings of the format remain during the alternation, while importer-specific settings cannot be applied.

Create New Mapping Files

create new mapping files

Channel Name and Unit Mapping Service

Importer that support channel name and unit mapping offer the additional option to create new mapping files (option 2). After appropriate selection a memory dialog opens. The memory path is automatically displayed and the file can be edited as usual or filled with content.

Various Importer Formats in Multi File Import

multi file import


Various importers can be indicated simultaneously in the multi file import dialog. By clicking the '+' further importers can be added.