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Crash Analysis

Vehicle safety testing is an important element of the vehicle development process. On the basis of physical dummy-measured-values (accelerations, forces, moments, ...) criteria which indicate the injury weight of humans can be calculated by jBEAM.

The following two analyses are distinguished:

Synchronous Evaluation of Test Video and Measurement Data

jBEAM allows synchronous playback of the test video to the numerical measurement data.

Improved crash test documentation could be achieved through combining normal or high - speed video feed with numerical data. Test scenes can be processed from various video formats (MPEG, AVI, MOV, MPG, etc).

The AMS Software jBEAM provides the possibility to synchronously evaluate test video and measurement data. Single video images can be copied and used in a test protocol for documentation purposes. Thus characteristical sections can be selected and with a single mouse-click jBEAM copies images of the current video image for storage together with a time-stamp.

Multiple graphic objects are controlled by the CEA bus and enable the synchronous display of the videos and at the same time the synchronous display of the corresponding measurement data. With this feature you can track simultaneously changes in numerical data on the basis of cursors in the line graphs.
The video player or the cursor values can be used as timebase. The point of highest pressure can thus easily be determined.

Numerical Crash analysis with the jBEAM component Crash Assistant

The Crash Assistent is an evaluation tool for various test cases. Import data, run analyses and generate reports is easy as 1-2-3. If sufficient test information are available, a simple drag & drop of the test file into the Crash Assistant dialog fulfills the initialization of a completely configurated test.


    • Assessment regarding different regulations (e.g. Euro NCAP)
    • Configure multiple test protocols with the same dialog
    • ISO MME drop and automated test selecting
    • Post-processing for each selected channel (Filter, Trim, Invert, add comments…)
    • Each calculation component (e.g. HIC, a3ms, …) could be modified by the user
    • Report generation with standard or custom layouts
    • Comparative evaluation
    • Test hierarchy depicted in a tree structure for better visualization and navigation
    • Error messages (e.g. wrong units, unexpected channel names, …)
    • Control multiple videos with one time controller
    • Synchronize videos with channels
    • Extract pictures from videos
    • Overlay two videos with transparency (for comparing)

      Crash Assistant Workflow

      Overview of the single crash calculation components:

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