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Whether in physics, mathematics or computer science, jBEAM helps with mathematical calculations, experimentation and first programming experience.

Physics - Experimentation

In normal school teaching measurement instruments are omnipresent. In physics multimeter are used to digitally document experiments. Unfortunately, the final step is often not made: evaluation on computer. Many commercial multimeters are equipped with an serial interface that allows you to transfer the measurement data directly to the computer. jBEAM receives the measurement data to visualize it for example as graph or bargraph still during the experiment. Data can then be saved and reused arbitrary.

Physics in school

Mathematics - Calculating and Plotting

Even mathematical calculations can be performed with jBEAM. From easy linear function up to derivative and integration. jBEAM includes a formula editor, which supports convoluted calculations, functions which have other functions as parameters or calculations with derivatives of other functions. Furthermore, graphical visualization is always in the foreground. One mouseclick and the software plottes the graph. You can also complement the display with interactive elements, for example sliders or input fields. Thus curves can be edited with little keypresses and the impact of parameter changes can be directly understood.


Computer Sciences - Extensibility

jBEAM is a framework, based on ASAM-CEA specification. That means, you can develop own components without big effort. Physics teaching requires a special function? In this case, computer sciences teaching can help and develop an appropriate component. Thus jBEAM can be extended user-defined. Students learn to look at natural sciences without blinders. Consequently valuable experiences are collected and used later in studies and job. The development of new components is done in the development language Java, which is favored by many teachers in computer sciences.
Therefor, the AMS provides you personal support and extensive documentation.