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Bobsled & Luge

The AMS software is used for start optimization in the field of bobsled and luge.

Olympic Center Chemnitz / Dortmund / Munich

German Olympic centers are trusting AMS software for their training efforts to optimize starts with luge and bob racing.
For a number of years the Chemnitz/Oberwiesenthal Olympic center is using AMS data acquisition and analysis software systems. The success is not only reinforced by Sylke Otto's gold medals at the Olympic games and the world championchips.

Sylke Otto Start
Sylke Otto
Sylke Otto
Sylke Otto
Sylke Otto

Now other centers have decided to switch to AMS technology. In the luge training centers the start handels are equiped with strain gauges to record the horizontal and vertical forces applied during the take off (BEAM). A second system records the luge's speed simultaneously while everything is taken down on a video tape with the software Dartfish.
Interactive acquisition and evaluation of video and numerical data with jBEAM/BEAM and Dartfish

The bobs have an integrated data acquisition system. Data is radio transmitted to the analysis unit (Notebook with BEAM).

Bobsled and Luge Analysis in jBEAM
Time-Distance Chart Luge Start


In both cases data combined with the video feed is subsequently analysed with AMS analysis software jBEAM. The recorded motion can now be corellated with the energy surge.

The possibility to compare different starts and runs in real-time is highly appreciated by Olympic champions. The different test runs can be compared graphically and interactive cursors help tracking important data for further analysis.

Bobsled & Luge Training


Luge: Start Optimization

  • Synchronous display of video and measurement data
  • Comparison of tests

Would you like to know more about the use of jBEAM in the analysis and visualization of Bobsled & Luge, or do you have a similar project?

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