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The evaluation of the GPS data of a sailing trip can be realized in jBEAM.

Sailing trips with GPS data can be evaluated in jBEAM. For that purpose it is possible to display the route or velocity distribution in relation to the course.

Velocity Distribution in Relation to the Course
Velocity Distribution of Sailboats
Route of Sailing Trip
Route of Sailing Trip shown in jBEAM

Download the jBEAM project "Müritz Trip"

For ambitious active sailors jBEAM offers the possibility of comparing GPS data of several sailing trips or two simultaneously sailed boats.
Furthermore it is possible to store and display images of modern cameras where the GPS data of the images are registered. Thus, the positions where the pictures were taken, can be recorded in the map and stored with the appropriate image.

Would you like to know more about the use of jBEAM in the analysis and visualization of Sailboat, or do you have a similar project?

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