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We offer measurement data management and analysis / visualization ideally matched to each other.

Individual solutions for discerning customers

Since 1993 we have been developing software for acquisition and evaluation of measurement data. Our main focus is put on postprocessing in distributed environments (web, client-server), especially on the postprocessing and editing of experimental data. Our exceptional advantage: We are able to cover the specific demands of our customers by flexibly adjusting our software.

Our most important product jBEAM is used by leading companies in the automotive, aerospace and railway sector. From Engine Test Bench to Crash Tests – it would be difficult to find any application in which jBEAM did not prove itself.

For organizing and managing of measurement data we provide with our measurement data management system MaDaM an ideal solution for supra-regional active industrial customers. With the combination of the organization with MaDaM and the data analysis and visualization with jBEAM we offer a complete solution for local and distributed working processes.

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