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Analysis, visualization & management of measurement data

The goal of AMS is to continuously improve your efficiency in dealing with measurement data via seminal solutions. Therefore we offer you customized applications for analysis and visualization of measurement data. Measurement data differ from most other data in the field of BigData. That is why we created the term BIG TEST DATA to consider the particularity of measurement data.


Data Analysis & Visualization

An analysis & visualization software that works both as a desktop program on different operating systems as well as in web-based applications.


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Parallelize Analyses

Within one data lake, several instances of jBEAM, which are located in a jBEAM cluster, analyze different measurement    files simultaneously. The partial      results will be aggregated to a final result.

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Measurement Data Management

The flexibly applicable web-based measurement data management with fast search as well as integrated analysis capabilities and report on demand at the highest technological level.

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Test Result Management

The local management system runs a search through your hard drive and extracts statistical values of channels - based on 25 years of experience.


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AMS workflow

AMS web solutions for distributed working with metrological data

AMS sets global standards in the development of metrological software for 26 years. In addition to the Innovation Prize of the Free State of Saxony, AMS has received the "Forschungssiegel des deutschen Stifterverbandes" in 2014, 2017, and 2018.



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