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A new file system for the highest cluster performance

MDFS: Measurement-data Distributed File System


For the parallel analysis of thousands of test data files the AMS realized the cluster technology. Solutions with the conventional NAS architecture do in principle have their limits at about 15 to 30 nodes. To become even more faster, the AMS developed a new distributed file system: the MDFS.

With the MDFS, data files and CPU are located on the same node. Therefore, there are no longer any restrictions regarding the transfer of data to the NAS. MDFS was especially developed for metrological applications. For example, the grouping of related files enables the storage of all files, belonging to one special test.

All advantages of MDFS condensed:

  • Multiple nodes, each with own CPU & storage
  • Grouping of related files*
  • Horizontally scalable
  • Java NIO compatible*
  • No data file conversion*
  • Data Mining for the engineer*
  • Highest performance

          *not available in HDFS

Further information can be found here