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Crash Assistant – the jBEAM component for numerical crash analyse

Analyzing crash tests often puts engineers in a challenging position: crash tests generate a multitude of heterogeneous data, e.g. measurement-channel-data, images and videos etc. All the information will be used to create reports for different standards and regulations (like NCAP, ECE, …).

The Crash Assistant is developed with the focus on a user-friendly interface. If the crash data contains all information about the test type and the regulation, a simple drag & drop of the test file initializes a completely configured test. If some channel codes are incorrect, it is easy to map them to the inputs of the component. The user-friendly interface also provides information to avoid errors. A list details any potential problems, such as unexpected channel codes or incorrect units. Another important feature is the ability to make an assessment with multiple tests, so the engineer can import several test files and subsequently compare the calculations. The Crash Assistant uses a tree structure of sub-assessments and calculations to visualize coherence. Considering the processing and analysis of sensitive crash data the Crash Assistant is an important tool, which optimizes and supports the complete workflow of a crash engineer, all along with MaDaM - the MDM system from AMS.

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