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Data Ranger

The local test result management system

Data Ranger scans a complete hard drive or parts of it for test data files. It extracts meta data and statistical values of the channels. These procedures are based on 25 years of experience regarding test data and are similar to the high-end solution MaDaMTM.

  • Base directories and relevant measurement file types can be configured
  • Scanning process can start manually or automatically on system start
  • Runs in background continuously
  • Original files are used for the complete workflow
  • Scanned files are tagged during indexing to avoid double scans, even after moving files to another folder
  • Search for measurements is based on their

                                     ○ File information
                                     ○ Exracted meta information
                                     ○ Calculated statistical values

Measurements retrieved through the search process can easily be imported in data post-processing tools with analysis and visualization components, like jBEAMTM. Additionally, Data Ranger offers the export of a table with information of search results either as CSV or Excel.

Product Overview


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