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Measurement Data Management (MDM)

The solution from the measurement data specialist

Schematischer Aufbau von MaDaM

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Test Data in the Development Process

Efficiently managing of measurement data is a priority for even the smallest companies. As part of a global strategy more and more companies have globally distributed development centers. Every development engineer should access all test data in short time (subject to its authorization). Therefore, the measurement data specialist AMS developed a MDM-System called MaDaM, which considers the special characteristics of measurement data and uses the latest technologies.

Measurement Data vs. Business Data

There are a variety of data management systems for business data on the market. However, measurement data significantly differ from business data. While it is spoken of Big Data as challenge in the business data area, Big Data are a criterion for exclusion in the measurement technique. This is solved optimally in MaDaM. The specific contents of the metrological data require specific solutions, which are not found in the environment of business data.


For MaDaM, an architecture was chosen, on which basis inexpensive department solutions as well as solutions for the worldwide connected development departments can be created.

Indexing Technology instead of RDB

Just as large IT companies (e.g. Google) the AMS relies on the Indexing Technology to manage the test data. On the one hand, the searching processes are remarkable faster compared to relational database; on the other hand the license costs for professional relational databases (RDB) can be saved.

Web Solution

A global solution for measurement data management must be web-based today. The ubiquitous internet technology allows a flexibility that is necessary for a future-proof system. Client-server and web are synonyms for a great user benefit. MaDaM uses latest web technology and runs not only on windows servers but also on Linux or Mac servers.

HTML5 Interface to the User

The variety of devices, that today’s users put to account, is subjected to a considerable dynamism. In addition to the conventional devices such as Windows PCs, smart devices such as iPad or Android devices must be supported. This allows a pure HTML5 interface. Thus, MaDaM can be used by all devices for which a HTML5 browser exist.

Extensible Business Logic

MaDaM provides a clear interface for the integration of any business logic. Therefore custom workflows can be mapped within MaDaM. For this purpose, the AMS provides the required resources. Just as well they can be realized in-house or by IT service providers.

Data Storage

Interactive import components, adapted to the respective applications, allow any logic for data post processing or integrity checking. Although these logics are usually company-specific, a basic framework (crash/road test applications) can be accessed. Additionally jBEAM can be used during the storage for complex analyses. The results could be used as search parameter.

User Permission

The user permissions could be installed individually in MaDaM and be adapted to specific project needs. Furthermore connections to LDAP, the most common standard, are implemented.


In addition to the actual numerical test data, measurement engineers store increasingly multimedia data (such as videos). This is a problem for a web solution because existing streaming technologies cannot be used. They are all optimized for real-time replay. However a measurement engineer is interested in individual images. , or are necessary functions. To make this possible in MaDaM, new streaming technologies have been developed. Not only that is why MaDaM is predestinated for MDM solutions in the crash area.


After the desired test data were found by MaDaM, the server version of the measurement data post processing software jBEAM is used to import the desired test data and to fill predefined templates. The reports are stored by jBEAM as PDF, Word or PowerPoint document and transmitted to the user by MaDaM. The user can look at the documents already in the browser with the appropriate viewer programs.

Interactive Analysis

Many measurement engineers are accustomed from their desktop solutions to work interactively with measurement data. This possibility is of course realized in MaDaM. For this purpose, the measurement data, selected by MaDaM, are loaded in the server jBEAM. On the user computer a (client-) jBEAM is automatically started and an EnCom communication connection between server and client is established. Via this connection the client accesses the desired measurement data as well as analysis templates. The web optimized jBEAM can minimize the network traffic, that only required data are transferred to the client. A second no less important feature is achieved: Fast and effective working on the client.