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MaDaM Connect

Measurement Data Management - The global solution

The amount of measurement data is growing exponentially. One of the core challenges of this growth is posed by extracting information on huge, individual data sets on multiple Data Lakes. MaDaM Connect is optimized for global analysis of Big Test Data to tackle this challenge.

  • Fast search on all data lakes (Elasticsearch)
  • Most modern web technology
  • Automated measurement processing
  • Seamless analysis integration
  • Geographicaly distributed evaluation realised through parallel clusters
  • MDFS – a distributed file system, optimized for measurement data requirements
  • Secure data transmission

Search | Analysis & Report

The connection between the individual MaDaMs can be switched on and off for each user

MaDaM Connect

Similar to other areas of application, measured data is experiencing an exponential growth in the volume of collected data. In order to utilize all this data to its fullest potential, running global analyses in parallel is key. Both the data storage as well as the processing capacities can be distributed on different nodes. With our MaDaM Connect solution, we can process data right where it's stored. Through this mechanism, we can avoid unnecessary transfers of the data, solving one of the core problems posed by Big Data.

The AMS offers a complete solution for processing large amounts of data.

With jBEAM we provide a fullstate application for parallel processing and analysis of Big Test Data. Together with our measurement data management system MaDaM we enable high efficiency in handling with your measurement data. MaDaM-Connect enables global search, analysis and reporting across multiple data lakes. This reduces the intercontinental data transfer of this AMS Big Test Data solution.

Product Overview


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