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Аэродинамическая труба

Aerodynamic measurements in the wind tunnel can be acquired, displayed and evaluated by jBEAM.

Аэродинамическая труба

Aerodynamic and aero-acoustic characteristics of vehicles can be explored in the wind tunnel. Research and testing in wind tunnel are especially for the vehicle development indispensable.

jBEAM as a flexible measuring software can be used for aerodynamic measurements in the wind tunnel. With the aid of appropriate hardware numerous parameters as for example


  • temperature
  • air pressure
  • humidity
  • wind speed
  • various vehicle forces


are measured and subsequently gathered, visualized and evaluated in jBEAM.

Process Visualization - Wind Tunnel
Process Visualization of a Wind Tunnel in jBEAM
Bar Graph - Wind Tunnel
The Data Measured in the Wind Tunnel via Pressure Sensors, Shown in a Bar Graph

The users appreciate particularly the easy and clear user interface. In addition, jBEAM - as component-based framework - offers the opportunity to make adjustments at any time as well as to complement specific components.

Would you like to know more about the use of jBEAM in automotive analysis and visualization, or do you have a similar project?

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