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Дорожное испытание

The measurement data generated during vehicle tests can be visualized and evaluated by jBEAM.

Universal 2D-Graphic
Universal 2D-Graphic of a Road Test

To improve the vehicle developement, numerous road tests are performed. Thereby, vehicle-specific measurement data such as vibration, consumption, temperature, noise level, speed etc. are generated.

The generated measurement data can be visualized and analyzed in jBEAM.
It is also possible to import GPS data in jBEAM. With the aid of synchronous GPS information, the evaluations of the road test can be simulated and played dynamically.

Measured tracks can be underlayed with dynamic maps from Google, OpenStreetMap or Bing (Microsoft). Tracks can be colored depending on measured values (speed, acceleration, heart rate, …).

In addition, images can be moved along the route and are synchronized with measured values of the road test.

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