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Стенд для испытания двигателей

jBEAM supports the research and development of motors in measurement data acquisition and analysis. 

Efficiency Map in jBEAM
Efficiency Map E-Motor Motor-Driven

For research and development of engines, they have to be tested by aid of complex engine test benches.
jBEAM supports the engine development in data acquisition at test bench on the one hand and in evaluation on the other hand.

By means of jBEAM, test bench surfaces could be realized using real-time graphics (multi digital display, controlled images, TY recorder,...) as well as interactive elements (buttons, input elements, sliders,...). Furthermore it is possible to ensure the data plausibility during the test by checking the parameters for invalid values.

Various test parameters can be evaluated in jBEAM:

  • fuel consumption
  • exhaust
  • efficiency
  • wear
  • cylinder pressure
  • acoustics
  • performance, consumption, torque (full load diagram)
  • and others

For that matter, multiple tools as for example the engine map (2D diagram, calculations for 3D presentation and processing), line graph, map table or plausibility of channels are available to the user.

Would you like to know more about the use of jBEAM in automotive analysis and visualization, or do you have a similar project?

Please contact us via our contact form and we’ll be glad to assist you!