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Стенд для испытания с аппаратными средствами в контуре (HiL)

jBEAM can be used to control and monitor a HiL test stand where the input and output signals are monitored and visualized in real time.

HiL (Hardware in the Loop) is used in the automotive sector among other things for tests of single or multiple coupled electronic systems, such as control devices or systems of infotainment electronics. The input signals of the systems, to be tested, are generated with special simulation models, that simulate the real environment of the systems.

The output signals of the systems are compared with expected signal values to identify deviations or errors. Due to the use of simulation models and the automation of the evaluation of the output signals of the systems, the number of required tests in the real environment (e.g. in the car) is significantly reduced. At the same time the development time of the electronic systems is shortened.

jBEAM can be used to control and monitor a HiL test bench.

The input and output signals of the electronic systems can be monitored and visualized in real time. Furthermore it is possible to set the values of input signals manually to develop specific test scenarios for the test automation. 

The users particularly appreciate the easy and clear user interface as well as the variety of provided calculation and analysis methods for processing and visualization of signals. In addition, the possibility to develop own components with which jBEAM can be optimally integrated in the respective test bench environment is very important for the users.

Especially for the use of jBEAM in the infotainment area, a visual input component was developed which recognizes multi-touch-gestures based on Java FX and converts them into appropriate input signals.

HiL Test Bench - Signal Monitoring
Signal monitoring

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