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Visualizations and haptic analyses of measurement data can be performed with jBEAM.

Control Element in the Car

The requirements to the development of control elements in the car significantly increased over the last few years. The haptics, or rather sense of touch, is for the automobile manufacturers very important. This is due to the ease of use in the vehicle interior, that affects the image of the brand to a large extent.

Analyses of linear and rotatory movements of control elements in the car as for example the air discharge installation, friction wheel, sun visor, glove box, mirror- and seat adjuster and much more can be performed in jBEAM. Furthermore, characterizations of all kind of operating forces for adjustment of the headrest, armrest, rear seat backrest, front seat and sun visor can be represented.

Haptic analyses in jBEAM are generally used, besides the automotive industry, for human-machine interface (HMI) in aircraft, shipping, construction, agriculture, medical and domestic technology and so on.
The complex analyses of force-displacement or force-torque measurement data and its characterization may provide possible approaches for optimizing the human-machine interface.

Information about Haptic Analysis with jBEAM as PDF are ready to download.

Force-Torque Diagram of a Rotary Switch
Force-Torque Diagram of a Rotary Switch
Force-Displacement Diagram of a Multistage Switch
Force-Displacement Diagram of a Multistage Switch

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