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данные о потреблении

The measuring and evaluation software jBEAM makes it possible to centrally acquire, process and evaluate information from all consumption values.

An important aspect in the production of industrial goods is not only the compliance of environmental and economic (see, for example. EEG) guidelines, but also the control over the own energy management. The central monitoring of all production processes is for many companies a major logistical, but also financial challenge. The reason for that is the distribution of the measurement points at different production locations, whereby a uniform monitoring often seems difficult to achieve.

With the aid of the measurement and evaluation software jBEAM, information of all consumption values - such as gas, water, electricity and many more - can centrally recorded and processed.

The data analysis can also include analyses in terms of productivity, profitability and energy efficiency (in accordance with DIN EN 16247). Thus, the company has the advantage of complete consumption and cost control of its production processes.

Technical Structure

  • Central computer with access to all measured modules (via TCP/IP, OPC etc.)
  • Server = EnCom Server
  • User-defined acquisition of measurement data
  • Storage of measurement values in SQL data base
  • Data is imported directly from SQL data base
  • Live-value- and process-visualization of the data recorded by jBEAM via EnCom
  • Evaluation, comparison and visualization of measurement data
  • Logging for energy audits

Анализ данных расход с jBEAM

Would you like to know more about the use of jBEAM in the analysis and visualization of consumption data, or do you have a similar project?

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