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Таблеточные машины

The analysis and visualization software jBEAM has proven itself in pharmaceutical research in the development and production of tablets.

The pharmaceutical industry can not do without instrumented tablet presses. The aqcuisition of press process data with different parameters of individual test series and charges are indispensable. Online-aqcuisition and a regulation of pressing forces during the production process are essential.

The inexpensive and competent solution - consisting of the measurement standard software jBEAM and the measuring amplifier Quantum X has proven excellent in the pharmaceutical research as well as in the productive employment by numerous well-known medicament manufacturers.

In practice jBEAM has received praise for its user oriented look and feel, as easy to use measurement solution by industrial customers and universities. It permits a complete documentation of a compression process - in test series as well as in the actual making of tablets operation.

Eccentric Tablet Presses

Eccentric tablet presses - can be equipped with sensors for upper stamp forces and lower stamp forces as well as for upper stamp distance and, if required, for lower stamp distance. The data are acquired with the measuring amplifier Quantum X and the standard software jBEAM.

Our software, in this case equipped with the special evaluation feature 'compression work', offers the possibility to calculate the occurred compression energies and expansion energies from the force way processes after pressing each individual tablet. The value for the plasticity (quotient from plastic energy to total energy) is tabular stored as quality characteristic.

While pressing, jBEAM calculates the force maxima for the upper stamp, the lower stamp and the output strength for each tablet.
Extensive diagram capabilities allow optical control during the pressing and for later evaluation.

The various tools of jBEAM support the selection of a partial curve from i.e. the lower stamp force to calculate the maximum of the output force. That can be done immediately after processing an individual tablet.

Pressing Process and Output Force of a Rotary Tablet Press
Pressing Process and Output Force of a Rotary Tablet Press in jBEAM

Rotary Tablet Presses

Rotary tablet presses - are equipped with sensors for pre-pressing force, main pressing force and output force. Because of the high output, statistical values are of interest for the individual stamp stations.

Each n-th loop is recorded, measuring curves for the individual stamps are separated and statistic values for the individual tablet calculated (i.e. the maximum of the pressing force). From the continous acquisition of these characteristics, the average value and the maximum and spread for the pressing forces can be determined for each individual stamp during the process. With these values a process control mechanism can be realized. 

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