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The software products of the AMS are available free of charge for illustrative evaluations in schools and universities.

In educational institutions as well as in universities a variety of experiments, which require a clear evaluation, are carried out.

For that matter jBEAM is used as experiment and measurement software. It enables computer based measuring with usual digital multimeters. Data can be collected live and evaluated still during the experiment to demonstrate difficult processes, for example in physics.

jBEAM is free for educational facilities, universities and students. They do not buy specialized devices or expensive licenses from us. jBEAM works with usual digital multimeters with serial port, which are offered in every hardware store.

Would you like to know more about the use of jBEAM in analysis and visualization of education or do you have a similar project?

Please write us an mail via our contact form and we'll be glad to assist you!.

For inquiries regarding a free R&D version, please send an email to