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Профессиональный спорт / досуг

Профессиональный спорт & досуг

The AMS supports professional and leisure athletes in the acquisition and evaluation of their performance data.

The acquisition and evaluation of performance data is in the field of professional sport for athletes and coaches very important. This is the only way to make precise statements about for example optimal movements and use of force.

Especially the lugers of the Olympic Centers Oberhof and Oberwiesenthal celebrated lately great successes. AMS does not make any champions but supports athletes and their coaches. The processes can be adapted and optimized by combination of video recordings and data acquisition via force sensor.

To examine processes over a greater distance (cycling etc.), measured data by GPS can be included for evaluation as well. Not only the professional athletes can take advantage of these processes, but also recreational athletes or doctors can observe their performance or that of the patients by various evaluation options.

There are no limits for the application areas, whether in the countryside while cycling, at sea while sailing or in the air while gliding - the metrological software of the AMS supports you anywhere.

Would you like to know more about the use of jBEAM in the analysis and visualization of sport and leisure, or do you have a similar project?

Please contact us via our contact form and we’ll be glad to assist you!