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Стенд для испытания коробки передач

Gear box test benches can acquire and evaluate data via jBEAM and are simultaneously controllable by AMS software.

In addition to proven systems with BEAM, the AMS has developed a new standard solution with jBEAM for gear box test benches. Thereby, the focus is on latest technology.

With gear box test benches, based on jBEAM, it is possible to control, acquire and evaluate data by using one software. Until now this has been covered by the software BEAM. However, not only a new technology is implemented with jBEAM but also a more flexible and comprehensive software is provided to the user. Thus the user can evaluate, analyze and visualize on a bigger scale. The results can be published via various exports. In addition to the mechanical structure for testing the gears, various powertrain, braking and steering modules as well as a PLC belong to the gear box test bench.

The PLC can be accessed via OPC server. Sensors for detecting temperatures and velocities (vibrations) can be connected to the PLC.  jBEAM is applied to record control parameters and measurement values. Due to jBEAM has no direct connection to PLC, the communication runs via OPC server.

The OPC server provides objects which reflect characteristics or situations of the PLC station. These objects can be read and described. For the communication between jBEAM and the OPC server, the bridge of JOPC NetModule is required. The JOPC Bridge allows Java to access data from the OPC server. jBEAM uses the provided methods and objects of the JOPC bridge for reading and writing the OPC server objects.

Especially for the application 'gear box test bench' two components were developed in jBEAM: a measurement-/communication component and a control component. With the help of these components, values of the PLC station can be measured and test sequences can be controlled.

Would you like to know more about the use of jBEAM in gaer box test bench and visualization, or do you have a similar project?

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