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В программных продуктах AMS используются различные технологии.

Technologien der AMS Softwareprodukte


Application Programming Interface.

jBEAM has a sophisticated API, that can be used for script programming amongst other things. Therefore complex analyses can be automated.

ASAM Standard - CEA

Definitions of functional components for the evaluation and analysis of data.
jBEAM is a CEA compatible framework.

ASAM Standard - MDF

Definition of a block-based and channel-oriented binary format for storing measurement data including descriptive metadata.
jBEAM provides an import component that can read MDF files.

ASAM Standard - ODS

A standard that defines the long-term storage and retrieval of data, regardless of the IT infrastructure.
In jBEAM there are import and export functions for ODS-ATFX files. Both custom and generic components can be used to import data from ODS databases.


Sound recordings, by which the acoustic information will be transported.
jBEAM supports various audio data formats (e.g. au, rmf, mid, wav, aif, aiff).

Beckhoff SPS

Hardware-specific programmable logic control for machines or systems.
jBEAM includes an interface component to Beckhoff PLC systems. Thus operation and automation for test benches can be implemented.


A multilayer communication protocol.
Through direct measurement or data import, CAN-data can be analyzed directly in jBEAM.


Interactivity between server and client.
Two jBEAM programs can establish a client/server-connection using EnCom.

Crash tests

Collision test of vehicles under controlled realistic conditions.
jBEAM supports crash analysis according to Euro NCAP.

File-based channels

Since channel values are not stored in ram but on the hard drive, large data amounts can be processed with file-based channels on computers with limited memory.
File-based channels have been developed in jBEAM.

Real time

Processing of certain events within a predetermined period of time.
jBEAM supports the real time processing of measurement data.


Search engine, which is based on Lucene.
For searching of tests MaDaM relies on Elasticsearch, which offers better search performance than traditional databases due to the indexing technology.


Communication protocol for the data communication of distributed systems.
This protocol has to be used to establish client/server systems with jBEAM.


Geographical Positioning System that allows position-fixing using latitude, longitude and altitude.
jBEAM includes multiple features for processing GPS-data.


Programming and script language that supports dynamic and static typing.
Java related scripting language that can be used to automate complex evaluations in jBEAM.


Object-oriented programming language.
There are Java virtual machines for all major operating systems. Thus, programs can run on different operating systems. As jBEAM is a Java based program it is independent of operating systems.


Definition and arrangement of graphics and images on a page.
Protocols can be exported as layouts and re-imported in jBEAM. Thereby jBEAM supports the xml-format.


MATLAB is a software from MathWorks for solving mathematical problems.
A special jBEAM component allows to integrate the algorithms developed in MATLAB into jBEAM applications.


A standardized communication protocol, in which a master and several clients can be connected via serial interfaces or Ethernet.
jBEAM offers ModBus compatible measurement components.


Data acquisition via National Instruments hardware.
jBEAM includes a measurement component, which is NI-DAQ compatible.

OPC Server

Standardized software interface that allows data exchange in the automation technology.
jBEAM contains a measurement component for OPC systems.


Database language for the communication with relational databases.
jBEAM allows access to Access databases.


Network protocol, where the participating computers identify via IP addresses.
TCP/IP is used in jBEAM for the EnCom connection as well as for different measurement components.


Visual representation of a sequence of consecutive pictures for the purpose of presenting moving pictures.
jBEAM supports various video technologies (JMF, DSJ,...) for playing and creating of video sequences.

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